Wednesday, November 30, 2011

CARM Radio 11_21

CARM Radio 11_21
CARM Radio Show Notes November 21,

Mat read several heretical quotes from a popular “so called” Christian preacher and salted those quotes throughout the program today.

Caller Matt from Seattle, WA. “I am a Calvinist who attends a Four Square Gospel Church.” Caller asks about a current TV program regarding Muslims in America and would also like to learn something of Christian author and debater James White.

Caller Kevin from North Carolina would like to know if Matt thinks Christians ought to be showing much interest in the current “Twilight” vampire types of entertainment.
Additionally: Kevin’s wife Alissa asks about the topic of body tattoos.

Matt read several more quotes from a book by Joyce Meyers: “The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make.” Including her preaching that Jesus went to hell!

Caller J. P. from Georgia: “If you were to meet an angel or an appearance of the Lord, how would you know it is not a demonic vision?”

Matt mentions one of the past teachings of popular TV evangelist Benny Hinn who describes God as existing in 9 persons: 3 for each member of the Trinity!

Matt closes with a strong rebuke for the heretical teachings of Joyce Meyer with the caveat: “I hope she has recanted such teaching.”

CARM: Radio 11_18

CARM Radio 11_18

Open calls and questions

Monday, November 28, 2011

CARM Radio 11_17

CARM Radio 11_17

Open calls and questions

CARM Radio 11_16

CARM Radio 11_16

Open calls and questions

CARM: Radio 11_15

CARM Radio 11_15

CARM Radio Show Notes for November 15, 2011

Matt discusses counseling and prayer for and with those going through difficult situations. Emotional and/or physical tragedies of all sorts often forces people to commit themselves to a rough, real, and living trust in the Lord.

Caller Michael from California asks: “How can we do everything to the glory of God? What would it look like if we were to do that?” Aren’t there just some things we do (like watching TV) that simply don’t do that?

Caller Frank from Virginia calls for a little advice: “I would like to be more involved in apologetics but I am not sure if I am being called to do so.”

Caller Alison from Arizona asks: “Can you tell me a bit more about the pre-tribulation and the post-tribulation rapture views relating to the return of Jesus?”
Matt makes a great thumbnail summary of these views and provides some relevant Scripture verses worth serious consideration.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CARM Radio 11_14

CARM Radio 11_14

CARM Show Notes for November 14, 2011

Matt reports he saw the Joseph Smith Movie over the weekend. Seems to be “standard LDS propaganda.”

Matt further comments on the tendency of LDS church members seeming to base their faith “FEELINGS” rather than facts.

LDS Caller Lee from Nampa, ID. calls to defend the authenticity of the Book of Abraham as “supernaturally translated” (?). However, Lee only has his own personal conviction and “feels in his heart” that it is correct. Lee offers no tangible evidence.

Matt moves further into a bit more of an expose’ of some of the foolish and arrogant boastings of Joseph Smith, and Joseph’s lies in the face of Scriptures. (A brief but spirited rant.)

Caller Ana from Virginia: Did Joseph Smith pattern any of his rituals in Mormonism after those found in Free Masonry?”

Caller Pat: “In the face of some of the ridiculous statements of Joseph Smith, why do LDS people stick with him?”

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

CARM: Radio 11_11

CARM Radio 11_11

CARM Show Notes for November 11, 2011

Hate (?) Mail Friday. Hate and Wacko mail to be read as time permits.

Calls via SKYPE may now be placed using the address “”

E-mail from Lamar gives notice to “All the inhabitants of the Earth”

More E-mail: This time from “The Right Arm of God”

Matt comments on some observations and discussion he had this week regarding the nature and Persons of the Trinity.

Caller Justin from Caldwell, ID. Would like to know more about the idea of “apostasy” and secondly, he has a question about the Melchizedek priesthood.

Matt points out how Mormons seem to place confidence in their faith on the basis of “feelings” rather than on “facts.”

Caller Chris invites Matt to see the Joseph Smith Movie now playing in town.

Caller Duncan from Boise, ID. Would like to examine the idea of “husband of one wife” as found in 1Timothy 2:12-13 and Titus 1:6.

Caller Terry from Nampa, ID. Confirms that Joseph Smith was indeed convicted for being a fortune teller in New Your State.

(LDS) Caller Richard from Meridian, ID. objects to Matt’s earlier brief expose’ of the “Joseph Smith Papyri.” Though this papyri (The basis for the LDS Book of Abraham) has been thoroughly discredited and exposed as a colossal fraud by competent Egyptologist worldwide, Richard nevertheless defends this modern day LDS embarrassment as being inspired and accurate. (In his opinion)

Monday, November 21, 2011

CARM Radio 11_10

CARM Radio 11_10

Show Notes for November 10, 2011

Caller Orin from California asks: “How should we look at the Song of Solomon?”

(Atheist) Caller Jason from Colorado demonstrates how one might be an “accuser of God.” It seems that God simply falls short of Jason’s personal moral expectations of the Deity.

Caller Tom from Wisconsin asks about the legalization of marijuana.

CARM Radio 11_8

CARM Radio 11_8

Reposting show 11-8, error in first posting.

Show Notes for November 8, 2011

Caller Scott from Ohio: What do we know of the young Jesus and how/or when He began His ministry? Matt mentions the “CARM Amazon Wish List” find link on CARM homepage:

For those possibly interested in keeping up with and praying for the needs associated with the ministry of CARM.Caller Vince from Maryland is in a mixed faith marriage and seeking some guidance on how to proceed to nurture his relationship with his spouse while maintaining an effective witness for the Lord.

Caller Debbie from Emit: A wide-ranging call that covers several very fascinating concepts. Debbie thinks of herself as a messianic Jew, however, reveals some measure of confusion of a number of points.

Caller Nick from Nampa: “I have a question about the Trinity.”

Friday, November 18, 2011

CARM Radio 11_09

CARM Radio 11_09

Show Notes for November 9, 2011

Caller and Matt discuss some issues relating to baptisms, anointing, and washings mentioned in the Bible.

Caller Bob asks Matt to address infighting in the modern church.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

CARM Radio 11_07

CARM Radio 11_07

Show Notes for November 7, 2011

Matt reports on his several repeated attempts to dialogue with Pastor/s and/or elders from a local Christian church.
Details of some of Matt’s encounters may be quite interesting, even startling to hear.

Matt follows with an appeal to Christians to be faithful in following the Word Of God rather than be constrained by Denominational affiliations and /or traditions. Fidelity to Scripture and the Gospel being the goal.

Monday, November 14, 2011

CARM: Radio 11_4

CARM Radio 11_4

Show Notes for November 4, 2011

Hate (?) mail Friday. Matt will read

Caller Bob from New York says he sees a link between evolutionist and promoters of the pro-abortion agenda. Matt let Bob cite his web page:

Wacko mail from Devin: who seems to attempt to be somewhat insulting. Matt responds with one of his many repeated invitations to call the show and talk.

Caller Nick from Nampa, ID. Asks: “Have you ever experienced a spiritual dry spell while seeking God’s will for you?”

(Atheist) Caller Jason from Colorado asks: “Why would God let Satan come to the earth?” Matt than exposes how Jason’s moral system is founded upon his own “self defined” standard and without an independent “objective” basis.

Wacko mail regarding “God’s nuclear touch points” (Including an attachment)

Wacko mail: Warning: Do not sing “Blow The Man Down!” Really?

Wacko mail: “God rang my doorbell.”

Wacko mail: “Inquiring Mother” includes protection from “remote viewers” in her communication.

Wacko mail from Cindy: Hosts for Beasts warnings. E-mailer wants Matt to know that “Hosts for Beasts” are in the world molesting and baptizing unsuspecting people while they are sleeping in nursing homes!

Additionally: Hosts for Beasts cause wars, populate crime syndicates, pick up people worldwide and “Make them do things”, plus a variety of other difficulties for mankind...

Friday, November 11, 2011

CARM Radio 11_3

CARM Radio 11_3

Open calls and questions this evening.

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CARM: Radio 10_28

CARM Radio 10_28

Open calls and questions........

Monday, November 07, 2011

CARM: Radio 10_27

CARM Radio 10_27

Open calls and questions.....

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CARM: Radio 10_25

Faith and Reason 10_25

Show Notes
October 25, 2011

16 Anniversary of CARM!

Matt shares some of the history of how CARM came to be.

Caller Abraham from Caldwell, Idaho: I have talked to some people who think homosexuality is ok. Can you show me some Bible verses that talk about that?

Matt laments over some of the idiocy being taught from some popular pulpits.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

CARM: Radio 10_24

Faith and Reason 10_24

Show Notes
October 24, 2011

Caller Matt from Texas explores some of the claims to authority made by the Roman Catholic Church as related to the authority under the Law of the Old Testament times.

Caller Mike from California: “Is there a ‘works righteousness’ theme in the New Testament account of the separation of the sheep from the goats?”

Sam from Kuna, Idaho: Do you see what I see in regard to divisions among believers in regard to Arminianism vs. Calvinism?
Some helpful discussion follows.

Caller J.P. from Georgia is interested in the topic of marriage, divorce, and a couple of mixed faith.

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

CARM: Radio 10_21

Faith and Reason 10_21

Show Notes
Friday October 21, 2011

Caller John from Boise, Idaho calls to confirm that today was another failed prediction of the Lords return by Harold Camping.

Hate (?) mail from a follower of Wicca: An example of a rather disjointed example of “Wicca-think” follows.

Hate (?) mail from Etoro who strongly disagrees with Matt’s Trinitarian views. Etoro offers some of his own cultivated assertions in this regard.

An e-mailer criticizes some CARM website information regarding Creation.

A “Love” mail offers blessings to CARM.

E-mailer Susan writes to express gratitude for the ministry of CARM.

Caller Paul: Can you explain the details regarding spiritual death as well as physical death?
Further, creationism vs. evolution: can both be right as in “theistic evolution?” (That is, God using evolution to bring the world to its current form and content?)

Caller Stephen from Idaho City, Idaho: First, “Thank you for you appearing on the Chris Kelly Show.”
Additionally, did Jephthah really kill his daughter?

Caller Kit from Arizona: I have a question about Isaiah 14:12 (the fall of Lucifer)

Caller Sean from Boise, Idaho asks: “How were the believers under the Law in the Old Testament times saved?”

Caller Fred from Boise, Idaho asks: “What is the “refining period” that Roman Catholics talk about, as in purgatory?”

Wacko-mail regarding the future of the Solar System. An apparent view of Universalists / Unitarians.
Boise, Idaho calls to confirm that today was another failed prediction of the Lords return by Harold Camping.

Hate (?) mail from a follower of Wicca: An example of a rather disjointed example of “Wicca-think” follows.

Hate (?) mail from Etoro who strongly disagrees with Matt’s Trinitarian views. Etoro offers some of his own cultivated assertions in this regard.