Wednesday, November 30, 2011

CARM Radio 11_21

CARM Radio 11_21
CARM Radio Show Notes November 21,

Mat read several heretical quotes from a popular “so called” Christian preacher and salted those quotes throughout the program today.

Caller Matt from Seattle, WA. “I am a Calvinist who attends a Four Square Gospel Church.” Caller asks about a current TV program regarding Muslims in America and would also like to learn something of Christian author and debater James White.

Caller Kevin from North Carolina would like to know if Matt thinks Christians ought to be showing much interest in the current “Twilight” vampire types of entertainment.
Additionally: Kevin’s wife Alissa asks about the topic of body tattoos.

Matt read several more quotes from a book by Joyce Meyers: “The Most Important Decision You Will Ever Make.” Including her preaching that Jesus went to hell!

Caller J. P. from Georgia: “If you were to meet an angel or an appearance of the Lord, how would you know it is not a demonic vision?”

Matt mentions one of the past teachings of popular TV evangelist Benny Hinn who describes God as existing in 9 persons: 3 for each member of the Trinity!

Matt closes with a strong rebuke for the heretical teachings of Joyce Meyer with the caveat: “I hope she has recanted such teaching.”

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