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CARM: Radio 9_14

Faith and Reason 9_14

Open calls and questions.

CARM: Radio 9_13

Faith and Reason 9_13

Open calls and questions.

September 13, 2011 Show Notes

Matt released a new section on the CARM Site dealing with the topic of homosexuality.

Caller Eric from Peru asks Matt what his evaluation is of foreign exchange student programs?

Caller Jacob from Kentucky asks about dealing with atheists in connection with the T.A.G. argument? Matt mentions antonymic pairs (no third options) and more interesting talk about reason and logic.

Additionally: How far might one who claims to be a Christian be allowed to go in defending yourself from an attack? Luke 22:35-36 is cited.

Monday, September 19, 2011

CARM: Radio 9_12

Faith and Reason 9_12

Open calls and questions.

September 12, 2011 Show Notes

Caller Brent from Arizona would like to know a little more about “Living Waters Ministries.”

Additionally, is it possible to commit adultery by looking at an un-married woman, or is it only adultery if she is married?

Caller Sam from Kuna, Idaho asks about the ministry of Jimmy Swaggert and is Swaggert’s study Bible reliable.

Caller Jeff from Tennessee is dealing with an atheistic philosophy student on the Internet who seems to be quite a moral relativist and would like some pointers on how to carry on their dialogue. Matt points out some subtleties between Truths, Realities, and statements about truth.

Matt continues to demonstrate the bankruptcy of moral relativism.

Caller Jeff from New York is a podcast listener and would like to discuss some of his observations with Matt in regard to women pastors and spiritual gifts. Some helpful defining of terms are touched upon.

Caller Scott from Pennsylvania offers some more discussion of “Truths” from the earlier call. Is a “truth” a reflection of “reality”?

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CARM: Radio 9_7

Faith and Reason 9_7

Show Notes for September 7, 2011

Caller Matt from Washington asks about “Irresistible Grace” and Matt Slick follows with a brief explanation.
Additionally, God’s sovereignty is explored; is “allowing” the same as “causing”?

Caller Mark from South Africa asks how far are we to obey the Scripture that says we are to submit to authority figures in the Christian Church?

Caller Craig from the United Kingdom asks for a sample of good and bad reasons to leave any particular Christian Church.

Caller Nicholas from Nampa, ID would like to know how important (or necessary) is water baptism? Some interesting Scriptural insights on baptism follows.

Caller Matt from Washington asks about the “P” in Calvin’s “TULIP” or “Perseverance of the Saints”, how can you know and remain assured of your truly having salvation?

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CARM: Radio 9_6

Faith and Reason 9_6

Matt announces that his novel “The Influence” is now out in hard-back and Kindle, and gives a brief overview of the theme and topic of the book.

Caller Ivory from Florida says he would like to give his view (and not debate) on the topic of: “Perfect Sanctification”

(Special note inserted here for Matt: These co-founding jokers from the “so called” THE HAPPY CHURCH (or THC only better than weed) actually have made a web presence for themselves:

Sorry to say they seem a bit mixed up at best, weird, unbalanced, and or just plane stupid.)

Caller Jonah (Levi from the CARM Chat Room) asks if Sacraments in the Christian Church are a “means of grace” or are they more “symbolic?” Or, can one “receive Christ” by way of church sacraments?
Matt develops some basic terminology and definitions concerning Justice, Mercy, and Grace in regards to this question.

Caller J.P. from Georgia mentions some conflicts experienced in his own “mixed faith” relationship with his spouse.

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CARM: Radio 9_2

Faith and Reason 9_2

September 2, 2011
Show Notes

Caller Nick from Florida would like to know how to deal with those who think they can reach a state of “Sinless Perfection” in the present day.

Caller Darcy from Washington is very interested in carrying the Gospel to non-Christian Cults in public meeting places and events.

Caller Michael from California asks first for some information regarding Mark Driscoll.

Second, what is the “Economic Trinity” compared to “Ontological trinity”?

Lastly, What do you think of the book: “The Shack” and the author, William P. (Paul) Young?

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CARM: Radio 8_23

Faith and Reason 8_23

August 23, 2011
Show Notes

Caller Matt from Texas asks what are the defining doctrines of Christianity? Matt points to the “Doctrine Grid” on CARM’s website. However, Matt points out that it is the individual regenerative act of God that secures one’s salvation, not simply believing a collection of doctrines.

Caller William from Chicago asks if communism might in any way be acceptable in a Christian atmosphere? Matt points out that in the sense of sharing things in common with others is not necessarily inconsistent with Christianity. However, “State” managed communism has historically demonstrated itself to be disastrous. Matt has some additional cautions regarding the very liberal Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) followed by a brief recommendation for the more Biblically sound Lutheran Church Missouri Synod. (LCMS)

Caller John from Texas discusses loosing one’s salvation and his encounters with friends from the United Methodist Church.

Caller Brandon from Florida was brought up in an Assemblies of God environment and would like to spiritual gifts and their being used in an orderly fashion.

Caller Craig from the United Kingdom asks about “The New Calvinist” movement.