CARM Radio March 26, 2012
Matt reports his having chatted with some atheists over the weekend.  Interestingly, he found their attitudes to be unusually insulting, irrational, and judgmental.
Caller Jonathan from Tulsa, OK.  How do I answer Jehovah’s witnesses on topics regarding faith?
Caller Brandon from Rhode Island: What is a good way to carry on a conversation with my friend who seems to be into the modern health and wealth / prosperity teachings?  Matt has a sober warning regarding these heretical teachings.
Caller Mike from New Jersey has several questions regarding divorce and remarriage.  Matt points out that the central focus to every individual with such questions should be Jesus Christ.  All other details come second.
Matt offers a few quotes published by various “Prosperity” teachers of recent and present time.  Some go from the absurd to the ridiculous.