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CARM: Radio 8_22

Faith and Reason 8_22

August 22, 2011
Show Notes

Matt points out that some modern churches claiming to be Christian are falling dreadfully short in their responsibilities to stand up in the face of secular pressures, liberalism, and political correctness.

Caller Scott from Pennsylvania asks if Revelation 2:5 has anything to do with the possibility of one loosing their salvation?

Additionally asking about the proper role of women in ministry in the church?

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CARM: Radio 8_16

Faith and Reason 8_16

August 16, 2011
Show Notes

Matt explores various methods of witnessing to Muslims by way of a recent chat session in the CARM chat room.

Matt invites some response to a possible CARM Apologetics Conference aimed at training disciples who are equipped to present and defend the Gospel.

Caller “Follower” from the CARM chat room asks Matt to explore the fine points of lying.

Matt continues to follow up on the idea of properly handling Bible texts so as to avoid forcing a text into a personal agenda.

Caller Dan from Boise inquires about the scheduled appearance of William P. Young (Author of "The Shack") at a local Nazarene college and the various heretical pictures of Christian doctrine portrayed in the content of this book.

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CARM: Radio 8_15

Faith and Reason 8_15

August 15, 2011
Show Notes

Matt announces this show as being recorded on 08-18-2011 when it was 08-15-2011. However, Matt does correctly state the date just before the end of the show.

Caller Phil from North Carolina talks to matt about “Common Grace” for which Matt offers a proper definition of the term. (http://carm.org/dictionary-common-grace)
Phil probes various topics with Matt and advises Matt “…you have no right to hold to the cannon of the sixty-six books of the Bible.” Matt isolates much of what has led to Phil’s confusion is that Phil will not allow for any “Spiritual Gifts” in the Christian Church of today: Cessationism. http://carm.org/dictionary-cessationism

Caller Mike from North Carolina asks about the Foursquare Gospel Church and their practice of ordaining women as church pastors.

Caller Hannah from Virginia a seminary graduate who describes herself as reformed and who came to the determination that “Cessationism” is NOT a sound Biblical position.

Caller Eli from New York asks about apparent difficulties in the Bible and information regarding creationism.

Caller Scott from Ohio asks about Colossians 1:24 and what is this verse telling us in regard to: “…lacking in Christ’s afflictions…”

Thursday, August 18, 2011

CARM: Radio Show 8_12

Faith and Reason 8_12

August 12, 2011
Show Notes

Caller John from Texas, a former atheist went with his friend to a United Methodist gathering where they seemed to teach that people could be redeemed sometime after their death, and that the Bible was produced simply by the work of men.

Caller John from Massachusetts a self-described atheist/agnostic talks about a wide range of things with Matt. An interesting discussion with a polite unbeliever.

Caller Ed from Texas reminds Matt that there are a few “Baptist” churches that are quite aberrant in their beliefs and practices.

Caller Scott from Pennsylvania discusses 1 Corinthians 11:14 and “having long hair” as read in the Greek text of this verse.

Caller William from Chicago has Anglican friends who seem to him to resemble Roman Catholics to a large degree.

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CARM: Radio 8_11

Faith and Reason 8_11

Thursday August 11, 2011
Show Notes

Jim from Chicago had called some years ago and is now updating Matt as to his journey of faith and walk with Christ since they last spoke.

Jim offers a heartfelt testimony that demonstrates that he has struggled with a variety of difficulties which many Christian listeners may find common in their personal walk with God. Matt explains that our relationship with Christ is secured and maintained by His work on our behalf. No matter what sorts of personal struggles may grip us, His word says in many varieties of ways that He is faithful to bring us through any problems in this present world. We are to depend on His finished work at the cross and depend as well on His Word to guide us in the hear and now.

Ely from New York asks about the Kalam Cosmological Argument. With a follow-up question about the wicked being in suffering “Day and Night” as mentioned in the Revelation 14:11. Does this mean there is literally days and nights in the afterlife where the lost suffer?

Caller Craig from The United Kingdom is seeking to sharpen his witness to Jehovah’s witnesses and compares some of the differences he has noted when dealing with them, as opposed to dealing with Mormons he has encountered.

Caller Darcy from Washington: Matt encourages him to feel free to use materials from the CARM site. Following is some interesting talk about Calvinism and “limited atonement” in particular.

Monday, August 15, 2011

CARM: Radio 8_9

Faith and Reason 8_9

Tuesday August 9, 2011
Show Notes

Matt introduces his in studio guest: Dr. Anthony Harper to begin today’s show with some motivating talk of the activities of the modern Christian Church.

Caller Michael from California wonders why there seem to be so many repetitive details as found in Exodus and other places in the Bible?

Caller Glenn from Washington, D.C. asks about “philosophical questions” and the Christian apologists use of “Logic” in discussing matters of faith.

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CARM: Radio 8_8

Faith and Reason 8_8

Monday August 8, 2011
Show Notes

Caller Dan from Boise, Idaho discusses his recent online discussions with atheists and the topic of “Energy” as opposed to “Organized Energy” which appears to be in an informational and/or purposeful form.

Caller Paul from London, England would like to sharpen his ability to witness to LDS (Mormon) missionaries. Matt offers some insights as well as some useful materials available online which he has always found to be helpful.

Caller David from Ohio would like to have Matt address an apparent contradiction when the Bible states that God cannot be seen, yet in some places it says God was seen. Example offered was 1 Timothy 6:16 as compared with Exodus 24:9-11.
Matt shares some of the valuable information found on the CARM web site regarding “The Plurality Study” which address this topic, including a variety of Scripture verses that demonstrate there is no "contradiction” whatsoever.

Thursday, August 11, 2011

CARM: Radio 8_5

Faith and Reason 8_5

Friday August 5, 2011
Show Notes

Hate mail Friday: Mailer writes: “Mr. Slick you don’t have authority to teach Christian doctrine…” and “…you should not receive income…” Matt speculates as to what might occur if and when the people of God were to preach and teach the Gospel message without compromise.

Caller Craig from the United Kingdom: What do you find is the main problem with Mormonism and the Book of Mormon?Some topical discussion concluding with: Under the weight of facts and critical thinking Mormonism simply fails to hold up.

Hate mail from John: Criticizing Matt for not presenting (in his opinion) the Gospel properly.

Caller Lee from Nampa (an LDS listener) offers his “qualified “ opinion regarding LDS doctrines and Matt offers his invitation for Lee to come to the studio and discuss LDS theology on the air. Some very informative dialog follows with references to both the Bible and the Book of Mormon. Matt demonstrates to Lee the unfortunate impossibility our LDS friends attempts to earn God's grace when trying to meet the demands of LDS scripture, such as is found in the Book of Mormon:

Moroni 10:32 Yea, come unto Christ, and be perfected in him, and deny yourselves of all ungodliness; and if ye shall deny yourselves of all ungodliness, and love God with all your might, mind and strength, then is his grace sufficient for you…

Matt demonstrates this to be contrary to Biblical theology as compared with
Romans 11: 5-6:5 So too at the present time there is a remnant, chosen by grace. 6 But if it is by grace, it is no longer on the basis of works, otherwise grace would no longer be grace.

Matt further demonstrates the “grace” we are given by God is “unmerited” as illustrated in Galatians 3:10 and James 2:10 in contrast to the Book of Mormon quote above. Lee abruptly hangs up and Matt once again offers his invitation for Lee to come to the show and talk to him live about LDS teachings.

Caller Scott from North Carolina states he is a “Theonomist” who appreciates the ministry of CARM.http://carm.org/dictionary-theonomy


Theonomy comes from two Greek words, theos meaning God and nomos meaning law. So theonomy means God's Law. Theonomy is defined in different but similar ways. Basically, it is the view that God's law in all areas of OT moral punishments need to be applied today including government.

Matt asks Scott if in his theonomist view he would approve of a death penalty application to anyone who in the present day would work on the Sabbath? Listen for Scott’s answer: “Absolutely, as resounding ‘yes’.”

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CARM: Radio 8_4

Faith and Reason 8_4

August 4, 2011
Show Notes

Caller Bob from New York: Should one know more about deeper philosophical arguments in order to be a more effective Christian apologist?

Caller Michael from California: What is going on in 1 Peter 3:19 where it is said that Jesus went and preached to the spirits in prison? Additionally, what can we make of the days of creation and their order? Finally, is intelligent design a good apologetic tool?

Caller Tyler from Oregon asks about Hebrews 6:4-6: Can these verses mean that a Christian can loose their salvation?

Caller “Eagle” from the chat room: Should we keep all of the Old Testament Commandments beyond those we call the Ten Commandments? Furthermore, How is it that things declared “unclean” in the Old Testament later become regarded as “clean” in God’s sight in the New Testament? Matt comments on a local event where the author of “The Shack” (Paul Young) is going to be the main speaker. So, Matt takes this opportunity to cite and expose some of the tremendously unfortunate theology found throughout this book.

Caller Derek from Washington asks if there is a “second” baptism of the Holy Spirit apart from or after someone’s initial baptism of the Spirit into the body of Christ when you first enter into a saving faith with Jesus?

Caller Ed from Texas: Might it be wise to practice the Old Testament dietary laws for health reasons just as long as we don’t be legalistic about it? Additionally: If the Nazarene venue that you mentioned is allowing Paul Young (author of “The Shack”) to speak, does that call into question their Christianity?

Caller Nathan from Oklahoma: Why do Roman Catholics teach that the Ark of the Covenant is associated with the Virgin Mary?

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

CARM: Radio 8_3

Faith and Reason 8_3

August 3, 2011
Show Notes

Caller Christina from Indiana asks about the Grace Brethren Church and the teaching called “Spiritual Formation” associated with Dallas Willard. Matt offers a strong caution about this movement and Willard’s teachings.

Caller Craig from the UK asks about the “Harikrishna” movement and how they often seem to chant in similar fashion to the word of faith teachings.

Caller Vicky asks about the present day ministry of Jim Baker, formerly of the PTL network.

Caller Brian from Boise, Id is involved in prison ministry: Can the inmates I minister with possibly gain any benefit from the LDS (Mormons) who also visit the prisoners? Matt comments briefly regarding the apparent “Apostasy” in the Christian Church as manifest in the errors of the “Word of Faith” or “Name It And Claim It” teaching that have been popularized.

Caller Evan from Texas attend a Roman Catholic educational institution and would like more information from matt as to why CARM seems to be critical of the Roman Catholic Church. Matt supplies Evan with some valuable information from Roman Catholic source material.

Caller Ed from Texas: How is it that you became involved in the apologetics ministry?

Caller Scott from Pennsylvania has a question regarding 1 Corinthians 11: 14 and what might the passage be telling us when it says: “Does not even nature itself teach…”

CARM: Radio 8_1

Faith and Reason 8_1

Monday August 1, 2011
Show Notes

Caller Craig from the U.K.: How might a Christian make a positive impact at a worldly event, such as at a gay pride celebration?

Caller Mark from New York: Can you give me a summary of the T.A.G. argument and the use of logic?

Caller Evan from Houston Texas: Would like to know more about the subject of predestination and election. Matt goes through several relevant Bible verses and illustrations.

Caller Christina (Minpin in CARM chat) has been discussing with others the topic of abortion. Specifically: How might a Christian view abortion in a case where the mother would most certainly die if the pregnancy were to be allowed to proceed?

Jonathan from Texas has been speaking with a Oneness Pentecostal individual and talks to Matt about: Can those not believing in the Trinity be Christians?

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CARM: Radio 7_29

Faith and Reason 7_29

July 29, 2011
Show Notes

Caller Matt from Texas asks about the “perseverance of the saints.” Matt directs the caller to appeal to the Biblical verses that are very clear on the topic, rather than those that are vague. 1 John 2:19 is used as an example of a good clear verse.

Caller Paul from London, England asks about the accuracy and preservation of the Biblical texts as compared with the Qur’an.
Additionally: Are the four Gospels “Inspired”?

Caller Mark from New Your: What are your views on “Soul Sleep”?

Caller Ed from Texas: What is the different misunderstandings of the Trinity as regards United (Oneness) Pentecostal Church, Mormonism, and Jehovah’s witnesses?

Caller Jacob from Ohio: In arguing for God’s existence, how might one pin down the idea of the “Perfection” of God?

Thursday, August 04, 2011

CARM: Radio 7_28

Faith and Reason 7_28

July 28, 2011
Show Notes

Matt mentions the need for churches in our society who have gone off into a watered down gospel, become a place of shallow entertainment too often, and seem to be dangerously driven by experience rather than sound doctrine.

Caller Alex from California asks about the differing views of Amillennialism, Premillennialism, and Postmillennialism.

Caller Debra from Washington a polite atheist asks what the nuances might be between inconsistencies, deceptions, and contradictions?

Caller (Via SKYPE) Vance from Arkansas identifies himself as a Calvinist who attends an Assembly of God church. When are people’s names written into the Lamb’s Book of Life?

Caller Scott form Pennsylvania asks for some details dealing with the concept of “Original Sin.”

Caller Ed from Texas: Since there is but one true Gospel, can those who hold to Calvinism be regarded as just as “Saved” as those who hold to Arminianism?

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

CARM: Radio 7_27

Faith and Reason 7_27

July 27, 2011
Show Notes

Christina calls from Indiana to ask a question for her husband who listens by pod cast: What are “Dispensation” and “Covenant” theology?
Could God be understood to work through, in, and or by either view?

Tom calls from California: How should we look at the Bible texts that speak of God “Calling” especially in regard to Jesus “Calling” Lazarus back to life?

Following was some dialog on “Grace” as compared to “Works.”

Caller Chuck from Spokane asks a follow up question to the prior call in regard to Jesus having “Wept” in the event of Lazarus being raised from the dead in John chapter 11.

Tony calls from Caldwell and may have the opportunity to speak with Paul Young (author of The Shack) at an up coming public event. He asks: How might I ask Mr. Young a question about his book that may demonstrate the apparent universalism theology within the text?
Matt suggests some specific quotes from The Shack that may be quite useful.

Caller Brendan asks about a Seventh Day Adventist group who teaches that they alone will be going to heaven. Matt has some serious cautions to offer on this and other doctrines that many SDA groups often focus upon.

Ed from Texas calls: Are we to view Jesus to still be a man, even now after His resurrection?

Tuesday, August 02, 2011

CARM: Radio 7_26

Faith and Reason 7_26

Tuesday July 26, 2011
Show Notes

Caller Bob from New York asks Matt: Do you notice the “ambush tactics” that atheists seem to regularly use to bash Christians in internet venues?

Caller William from Chicago says he will be checking out an ecumenical meeting sponsored by a local Roman Catholic Church.

Additionally, a question regarding the Anglican Church understanding of “Sacraments.”

Finally, is violence always wrong?

Caller Andrew from New Jersey shares his research experience at an “International House of Prayer” meeting.

Caller Alan from Detroit: How much of a distinction might there be between a women pastor verses women teachers and preachers?

Monday, August 01, 2011

CARM: Radio 7_25

Faith and Reason 7_25

Monday July 25, 2011
Show Notes

Caller Mike from California shares about his first personal conversation with a Jehovah’s witness. Matt explains the educational value of an experience of visiting the local Kingdom Hall environment to better understand the religious atmosphere in which they conduct themselves. Second: What do you think about same sex partners attending church together?

Caller Craig from the United Kingdom asks about women pastors, with special mention of Junia / Junias in Romans 16:7

Atheist Andrew calls from Canada to: “Tell you why I don’t believe in God.” The reason being: Contradictions in the Bible. However, Andrew demonstrates some confusion as to just what a contradiction actually is. Jonah calls from the U.K. via SKYPE asking about the so called, “intermediate state” some have proposed. Where does one go immediately upon death?

Caller Christina from Indiana would like to know if the “Death Penalty” is Biblical?