Monday, November 14, 2011

CARM: Radio 11_4

CARM Radio 11_4

Show Notes for November 4, 2011

Hate (?) mail Friday. Matt will read

Caller Bob from New York says he sees a link between evolutionist and promoters of the pro-abortion agenda. Matt let Bob cite his web page:

Wacko mail from Devin: who seems to attempt to be somewhat insulting. Matt responds with one of his many repeated invitations to call the show and talk.

Caller Nick from Nampa, ID. Asks: “Have you ever experienced a spiritual dry spell while seeking God’s will for you?”

(Atheist) Caller Jason from Colorado asks: “Why would God let Satan come to the earth?” Matt than exposes how Jason’s moral system is founded upon his own “self defined” standard and without an independent “objective” basis.

Wacko mail regarding “God’s nuclear touch points” (Including an attachment)

Wacko mail: Warning: Do not sing “Blow The Man Down!” Really?

Wacko mail: “God rang my doorbell.”

Wacko mail: “Inquiring Mother” includes protection from “remote viewers” in her communication.

Wacko mail from Cindy: Hosts for Beasts warnings. E-mailer wants Matt to know that “Hosts for Beasts” are in the world molesting and baptizing unsuspecting people while they are sleeping in nursing homes!

Additionally: Hosts for Beasts cause wars, populate crime syndicates, pick up people worldwide and “Make them do things”, plus a variety of other difficulties for mankind...

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Piltdown Superman said...

Thanks again for letting me promote my creation science site, and for putting the URL in the show notes!

I thought about pranking Matt with a fake wacko mail, but there's no way I could conjure up something as weird as some of the things you get.