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CARM Radio Show 1_11

CARM Radio 1_11

CARM RADIO Show Notes for January 11, 2012

Caller Daniel from Georgia: Is it ever permissible to lie?

Caller Timothy from South Carolina (via SKYPE) “Is the ‘Anointing of God’ associated with ‘feelings’?”

Caller Evan asks: “How should we approach discussing the age of the Earth?”

Caller Nicholas would like to further explore to topic of lying.

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CARM Radio Show 1_3

CARM Radio 1_3

Open calls and questions

CARM Radio Show 12_29

CARM Radio 12_29

CARM RADIO Show notes for December 29, 2011

Caller Gary from Ohio would like to suggest a term: “Militant Arminianism” for those who suggest that Calvin was a murderer and so you should not believe in anything connected with his teachings.

Caller Michael from California mentions his experience after inviting atheists from the “Pal Talk” Internet venue to call Matt at CARM RADIO during the live show.

Additionally, Michael and Matt have some discussion on faith, works, and future rewards as related to our human motivations.

Caller Aleena from Denver, Co. Calls in reference to the apparent “Anthropic Principal” seen in our universe and the Multiverse hypotheses in physics.

Caller Matt from Santa Clarita, CA. Asks generally about some of the local congregations that seem to lack an identifiable structure, but rather focus on church planting for the most part?

CARM Radio Show 12_28

CARM Radio 12_28

CARM RADIO Show Notes from December 28, 2011

Caller Craig from the U.K. asks Matt’s view on some of the public opinions of Oprah Winfrey.

Caller Scott from Ohio: I have recently taken an evangelism course by Ray Comfort. I went to a truck stop to attempt to evangelize, but chickened out. What kind of advice might you have for someone like me as to how to follow through on something like this?

Caller Brian (Atheist and religious studies major) from Nevada: Why would God send His Son to be killed in order to provide salvation for sinful human beings?

Caller Derrick from North Carolina asks about the term “All Loving” as it relates to God.

Caller Scott from Pennsylvania: Romans 10:17, what are your thoughts of the “hearing” of the gospel?

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CARM Radio Show 12_27

CARM Radio 12_27

CARM RADIO Show Notes for December 27, 2011

Matt announces that the most recent CARM Newsletter can be found at the link on the CARM Homepage.

Caller Paradox would like to discuss God’s omniscience in relation to freewill. Matt offers some interesting observation including the concept that God knows more than just what will happen, but what would have happened, that is, He knows the actual as well as the contingencies as demonstrated in Matthew 11:21-24.

Caller Val from Canada would like Matt to explore who or what the “Rock” is in Matthew 16:18.

Caller Tom from Boise, Idaho mentions the use of logic and how some arguments can be made which are, within themselves, logical, and nevertheless is fallacious.

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CARM Radio Show 12_22

CARM Radio 12_22

CARM RADIO Show Notes For December 22, 2011

Matt cites recent results from the Barna Study Group, which has documented the gross lack of a Biblical worldview held by churches with women pastors.

Caller Scott from Wyoming (formerly of San Diego) discusses factions in the early church and how they continue to this day.

Caller Craig from the U.K. inquires about the chronology of the Biblical books and characters.

Caller Duncan asks Matt if he has ever visited the Monastery of Our Sorrowful Mother at The Grotto in Portland, Oregon? It seems Duncan has been there and was impressed by the Grotto’s depiction of the Virgin Mary being crowned as the “Queen of Heaven.”

CARM Radio Show 12_21

CARM Radio 12_21

CARM RADIO Show Notes For December 21, 2011

Caller Bob asks: “Is there a good way to put together witnessing materials and avoid their seeming to contain an attitude of pride?”

Matt offers some interesting insights regarding the Roman Catholic Church and it’s concepts surrounding the topic of salvation.

Caller from a Four Square Gospel background would like to touch on the comparisons of reformed theology and where he believes it is difficult to conform it to some selected Bible verses.