Thursday, June 30, 2011

Matt Slick as guest on a Radio Show

Matt Slick As Guest on Radio Show

There were requests for the program where Matt was a guest on a radio show concerning the topic of "Women In Ministry." Please note that because Matt was a guest, he was not always permitted to answer
the topics fully in being interrupted by other guests.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

CARM: Radio 6_23

Faith and Reason 6_23

June 23, 2011

Caller: Matt from Texas: Question about the meaning of “Lordship Salvation”

Caller; Michael from California asks if baptism and works are connected. Then a following question regarding modern medical science and organ donation.

Caller Stanley from Canada (Atheist) who says, “I used to be a Christian”

Monday, June 27, 2011

CARM: Radio 6_22

Faith and Reason 6_22

Wednesday, June 22nd

1st caller: Cory (Corey) from Caldwell ... he spoke with Matt about unbiblical churches ... watered down gospels and how some churches are watering down the gospels ... and preaching gospels that do not offend anyone.

2nd caller: Joel from Australia ... his topic was about cessationism/dispensationalism

Matt touched on the subject of women pastors and spoke a bit more on unbiblical churches.

Friday, June 24, 2011

CARM: Radio 6_21

Faith and Reason 6_21

Tuesday June 21, 2011

Matt mentions an interesting call to his office today regarding the question of “proofs” for the Christian faith.

Caller Michael (a new believer of two weeks) from a Jewish background began a recent effort to study more about Christianity via a local ministry and now discovered the CARM web site to be a valuable faith building resource.

Matt gives a praise report of a new member in the family of God.

Caller Kyle from California (a curious atheist) asks how one can tell a person is truly saved? Would you necessarily use visible “works” as measure?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

CARM: Radio 6_20

Faith and Reason 6_20

Monday June 20, 2011

Matt returns from the Manti Utah and the “Mormon Miracle Pageant” with some comments.

Caller: Steve from Kentucky asks about Proverbs 26:5 and answering a fool according to his folly and also as asks for tips on speaking with atheists.

Caller: Abe from Idaho asks about Mormonism and the LDS idea of three heavens.

Matt reads an interesting sample from his e-mail.

Caller Andrew from Idaho who asks about 1st Corinthians chapter 11 and tradition. What traditions of Bible times may or may not apply to our modern western culture?

Matt offers a few more comments regarding LDS history.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

CARM: Radio 6_14

Faith and Reason 6_14

Tuesday June 14, 2011

Matt interviews street evangelist Shawn Holes and takes calls.


Mike from Kansas City asks: What about people who haven’t heard the gospel?


Atheist Andrew asks: Why is it so many young professing Christians depart from their faith after going off to college?

Monday, June 20, 2011

CARM: Radio show 6_13

Faith and Reason 6_13

Monday June 13, 2011

Call 1

Atheist Andrew asks, “What do you mean when you say the Bible is your source for morals?”

Matt suggests Andrew read his article on the CARM website Can atheists be ethical?

Call 2

Jacob (Dark_Clamity) from Ohio asks how to avoid appearing insulting to those who you deal with who make efforts to disprove the validity of the Christian faith?

Additionally: Can apologetics be used to shield fellow Christian from the harmful influences of those committed to opposition of the Christian faith?

Finally: What can you say about the effectiveness of Christian philosophers using philosophical arguments for Christianity?

Call 3

Gary from Ohio: Can you inform me a bit on Hebrews 6:4

Additionally: After Jesus raised Lazarus from the dead; did the Jews go on to kill him?

Call 4

John from Connecticut: On the issue of sin. What would be our mandatory sin?

There is a bit of a discussion of difficulties in dealing with hypothetical propositions.

Matt 7:22-23 is examined in regard to good works

Some e-mail examined which proposes that being born as a homosexual is equal to one who is born left handed.

Another e-mail about women preachers is mentioned. Matt advises reading the CARM website articles on this topic.

Additional e-mail brings a bit of interest to the legal terminology used in the New Testament in reference to our salvation being accomplished in Christ.

More e-mail: Is being opposed to the homosexual lifestyle mean that you are “homophobic”?

Thursday, June 16, 2011

CARM: Radio 6_10

Faith and Reason 6_10

Friday June 10, 2011

Call 1.

Bob from New York asks about witnessing to people who appear worldly, or even those from the counter cultures within our society?

Matt points out that Jesus went to where the “sinners” were.

Call 2.

Atheist Andrew calls and begins on the topic of human sexuality. Then moves onto the Old Testament restriction on eating some foods. Matt explains the abrogation of Old Testament dietary laws in the New Testament, while the New Testament still upholds the restrictions on homosexuality.

Call 3.

Joe from Santa Maria, CA. asks how are we as Christians to try and maintain a Christ-Like attitude in the face of insults.

Additionally, what about our facing open hostility, up to and including violence.

Matt quotes Luke 22:36 advising physical violence being a last resort.

Call 4

JP from Georgia asks about dealing with various callers: why some seem to be held on to while others seem to be dealt with less patiently?

Matt describes the caller driven format is influenced by his experience and listener feedback over time.

Call 5.

John from Florida asks about mental illness and the Christian.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CARM: Radio 6_8

Faith and Reason 6_8

June 8, 2011

Call #1

Atheist Sean from California: Commenting on the Youtube debate with a question about the Transcendental Argument for God (TAG) but offers nothing but a bald rejection without any basis. Sean demonstrates his difficulty as an atheist to identify a “statement” as distinguished from a “state.” Or: the difference between an “essence” from a “statement” about that essence.

Call #2

Atheist Andrew from Canada calls: With another question regarding T.A.G.

E-mail is read, charging Matt is in bondage by false doctrine.

Elaine calls with a question about the medical use of marijuana. Broadcast time ran short and she will call again.

Monday, June 13, 2011

CARM: Radio 6_7

Faith and Reason 6_7

Tuesday June 7, 2011

Matt mentions that SKYPE calls are welcome during the live broadcast by dialing “faithandreason” on the SKYPE Service for calls over the internet.

Caller: Jason from Cincinnati asks about Baptism. Is it necessary, is it a means of grace, and/or is it covenental?

Chris from Washington asks about Judas in reference to the son of perdition. Does God choose in the case of Judas, for him to be counted among one of those “given” to Jesus and then in some sense he was lost?

Would you recommend a 4 Square Gospel Church? Matt: points out some of their positions and practices (such as women pastors) that leans toward more liberal behavior within the Church.

E-mail question: Why don’t you preach the Gospel as outlined in Acts 2:38?

Caller Daren asks about Near Death Experiences (NDEs) and what might be learned from them, if anything?

Caller Matt from Nampa, ID. Asks questions regarding the New Testament references to the “Rapture.”

Caller Dan from Idaho asks about Christian witnessing approaches in foreign countries like Israel, and during times spent in other cultural environments.

Caller Ralph asks questions regarding The Lord’s Supper. Transubstantiation, Consubstantiation as viewed by Calvin and others during the time of the reformation.

Atheist Andrew writes some questions:

What would a non-designed universe look like?

Do you have morals independent of God?

Would you be willing to torture someone if commanded by God?

Thursday, June 09, 2011

CARM: Radio show 6_6

Faith and Reason 6_6

Monday June 6, 2011

Caller: Atheist Andrew calls and presents (so called) “proof” that modern giraffes evolved from a fish.

Caller: Jason from New York asks about the apparent paradox of “free will” but refuses to define what basis his questions springs from.

Caller: Jason from New York calls in again, however still refuses to identify with any particular “world view” to put his question in a context.

Caller: Matt from Washington (a Christian theist) asks about Pro-life issues. Should one who opposes abortion display graphic images or photos of abortions? This leads to the question of what an individual “OUGHT” to do in confronting difficult issues.

Caller: Jordan from California is dealing with LDS missionaries and their claim that the great apostasy of the Bible has already happened.

Caller: Bill from Virginia: Being a musician in a bar band makes him feel uncomfortable. The content of some popular songs and the atmosphere of the venues in which he performs have lead to some conflicting feelings in his Christian walk.

Wednesday, June 08, 2011

CARM: Radio show 6_3

Faith and Reason 6_3

Friday June 3, 2011

1. Caller Ely from New York asks about the devil. Are Satan and Lucifer one and the same person?

2. Atheist Andrew wishes to ask more about evolution of the woodpecker’s tongue and various other evolutionary issues. Andrew further proposes that information actually formed from random processes!

3. Caller Dan from Idaho asks about Monty Collier AKA Red Beetle

4. Matt offers a couple of hate mail examples.

5. Andy from Idaho asks about the aberrant preaching and practices of Todd Bentley who ended up marrying the woman he had an affair with in his church. Matt advises to stay away.

Secondly: asked about spiritual gifts.

Tuesday, June 07, 2011

CARM: Radio 6_2

Faith and Reason 6_2

Thursday June 2, 2011

1.Matt comments on the Christian’s calling to present God to others.

2.Matt explains to a caller how the Trinity is demonstrated by a systematic examination of Scriptures.

3.Atheist Andrew wants to talk about Evolution.

4.Caller Gregg from Colombia asks about the security of salvation for the believer.

Monday, June 06, 2011

CARM: Radio show 6_1

Faith and Reason 6_1

Wednesday June 1, 2011

1. Caller Chris from Washington asks about irresistible grace.

2. Zachary calls from Afghanistan: How should we expect our “Free Will” to be when we enter Heaven? Will we be able to choose to sin?

And secondly, will we actually be able to look upon and behold God the Father?

3. Caller Kiley from Alaska: Recently became a Christian, however husband and kids still in the “2 by 2s” Cult.

4. Caller Ely from New York asks about Isaiah 9:6 and Modalism.

Saturday, June 04, 2011

CARM: Radio show 5_27

Faith and Reason 5_27

Friday May 27, 2011

Caller Bob from New York: Brief comment on Harold Camping. Then asks about Christians being called names by some people just because they try to hold to traditional gender titles.

Caller (atheist) Andrew asks: “Why did God place the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden?”

Andrew further asks: Why could God not make a less violent way to cover for sin than to send His Son to be brutally killed the way He was?

Caller Tracy asks: What do you think about the Bible verse that tells of some people having their name blotted out of the book of life?

CARM: Radio 5_24

Faith and Reason 5_24

Faith and Reason May 24, 2011

Brief comment on Harold Camping of Family Radio who’s now adjusted his failed prediction for the rapture to come instead on October 21, 2011

Comment regarding evangelizing in a hostile environment as found among present day atheism, secular humanism, and moral relativism.

First caller in atheist Andrew who invites Matt to question him about morality and once again refers to Deuteronomy 13: 6-10

When Matt asked: “Is God morally wrong?” Andrew answers: “Yes.” However, Andrew is unable to supply any absolute moral standard by which to measure.

Matt comments on Rob Bells new book which seem to serve the “lazy minded” and neglect such Scriptural admonitions as found in Romans 12: 2 to renew our minds.

Further comments: Facing modern heretics in the Church in these present days is essential to the health of the Church.

(On vacation, may be short delays with podcasts)

Wednesday, June 01, 2011

CARM: Radio 5_23

Faith and Reason 5_23

May 23, 2011

1.Comment regarding Harold Camping and his latest failure to predict the rapture having missed again.

2.Prayer for David who is being released from a Mexican prison this week.

3.Atheist: Andrew question Matt regarding Deuteronomy 13:6-10. Also discusses “free will” and the problematic nature of the atheist worldview when it tries to assign a “Moral Ought” upon God

Andrew from Florida, 2nd year philosophy student asks: Can one be cursed by being born into and raised in a non-Christian culture? Book recommendation: Scaling the Secular City by J. P. Moreland (Baker Books).

4.Hate Mail from “M” who condemns Matt for being “prejudiced” (in M’s opinion) because Matt is in some fashion discriminatory toward homosexual relationships, falsely equating this “so called prejudice” with the historic racial prejudice suffered by African Americans.