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CARM Radio Show 12_19

CARM Radio 12_19

CARM RADIO Notes for December 19, 2011

Caller Kylie from Alaska (a former member of the 2x2s) would like to know more about the “will” of God the Father as compared to the “will” of God the Son. Kylie has noted a cult like teaching that says Jesus had to have His will “broken” while here on earth.

Caller William from England asks Matt: “What would you say about a ministry focused on teaching what you are “for” and avoids teaching what you are “against” from the Christian pulpit?”

Caller Craig from Great Britain follows up a bit more on the previous call.

Caller Ely from New Your would like to know how to reason more effectively with an unbeliever regarding the topic of “freewill”.
Matt explains how the unbeliever will not accept the Scriptural point of view on this topic: 1 Corinthians 2:14 “But the natural man receiveth not the things of the Spirit of God: for they are foolishness unto him: neither can he know them, because they are spiritually discerned.”

Caller John from Boise, ID reports his experience at a recent Roman Catholic funeral he attended.

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CARM: Radio 12_5

CARM Radio 12_5

CARM RADIO Show Notes for December 5, 2011

Matt talks a bit about the various dictionaries he would like to continue to develop on the CARM website.

Additionally, he mentions some of the Roman Catholic inconsistencies in regard to works being involved in one’s salvation.

Caller Mike from California would like to know more about the topic of blasphemy.

Caller Katie from Riverside County, CA. is seeking information about kingdom now theology and the “so called” New Apostolic Reformation movement. It seems they claim to be modern day prophets and apostles in the church.

Matt invites listeners to provide original source documentation for issues they may encounter in the church, so he can more accurately examine and comment.

Caller Chuck from Washington State commends the previous caller (Katie) for having identified a problematic movement within some evangelical bodies. Chuck confirms (from first hand experience) that this group has been causing mischief, confusing Christians, and overturning the faith of some for at least thirty years or more.

Caller Craig from the United Kingdom seeks more clarification of some of the teachings of Joyce Meyer; Matt offers him several direct quotes and cites the source for Craig to obtain and research for himself.

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CARM: Radio Show 11_29

CARM Radio 11_29

CARM RADIO Show notes for November 29, 2011

Caller Alena says she is of the reformed tradition would like to know more of the “wills” mentioned in Scripture as in: “Not my will but your will” as God the Son spoke to God the Father as the crucifixion approached. A very informational chat follows.

Caller Brian from Washington is dealing with a Muslim who objects to Christianity’s claims from Hinduism. He seems to object to the newer claims as though they were borrowed or copied from an earlier religion. Matt suggests CARM web section on “New Testament Themes found in the Old Testament”

Caller Cameron from Perth, Australia reports his observation that Muslims given tolerance within Australia, seem to be increasingly less tolerant of those of other faiths within the very communities that accepted them in to begin with.

CARM: Radio Show 11_28

CARM Radio 11_28

Open calls and questions

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CARM: Radio 11_23

CARM Radio 11_23

CARM Radio Show Notes for November 23, 2011

Caller: Michael from California asks “How does predestination and freewill relate or compare to each other?”
Additionally: What about intentional sins after salvation?

Matt dealt with some Biblical qualifications for teaching from the Christian pulpit.

Caller: Shane from Montana has questions about divorce and remarriage.

Caller Scott from Pennsylvania asks if God could create the world with a look of being old?
Secondly, “Are the Native Americans descendents of Hebrews?”

Hate Mail (?) From Michael who does not like the concept of eternal punishment and who concludes that such a thing would be “unjust” for God to impose on anyone.

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CARM: Radio 11_22

CARM Radio 11_22

CARM Radio Show Notes for November 22, 2011

Caller: Lawrence from Provo Utah asks about “Cessationism” (Cessationism is the position within Christianity that the Charismatic Spiritual gifts (speaking in tongues, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, interpretation of tongues, etc.) ceased with the closing of the Canon of scripture and/or the death of the last apostle.)
Matt offers a fine refutation from the Bible to Cessationism.

Caller: Rusty from Ohio asks “Is baptism necessary?”

The Economic Trinity ( is reviewed in regards to roles, responsibilities, and relationship.