Friday, August 03, 2012

CARM Radio Show 7_20

CARM Radio 7_20

MATT SLICK LIVE July 20, 2012
X( angry Hate Mail Friday :P tongue
A woman writes: “Please turn from your evil…” Matt talks about commandments, works and faith.
Norris writes “You do not know the truth…” and “You have hate in your brain.”
A Young man writes: “I am Appalled at your idiocy…”
Jim writes to thank Matt for his earlier response and then proceeds to inform Matt of the “bride truth.”
Caller Jim (via SKYPE) reports on a recent sermon he heard from a supposedly Christian pastor regarding the positive (?) impact of Lady Gaga!
Matt uses the opportunity of the moment to launch into a brief exposé on some of the error being heard in the Church today.
Caller Nick from Texas asks: “Where you find the dividing line between loving your neighbor and preaching warnings of judgment to him?”
Additionally: “How does one deal with the topic of avoiding habitual sin?”
Caller Ed from Texas calls in regard to the “Word of Faith”movement.
Caller Mike from North Carolina calls as time runs out for today. However, Matt invites him to call back next time with his questions regarding free will determinism and libertarian free will.

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