Thursday, August 02, 2012

CARM Radio Show 7_19

CARM Radio 7_19

MATT SLICK LIVE July 19, 2012

Brandon from Rhode Island would like to know about something called The Lords Recovery group and the connection it has with the ministries of Witness Lee and the Local Church.
Craig from the United Kingdom calls via SKYPE to ask: “What can you tell me of the New Frontiers Church and Terry Virgo?” Matt asks Craig for documentation and/or publications regarding this question and reminds his listeners that he must have original primary source materials from any group in question before he can make a specific and accurate evaluation.
Caller Bruce asks: “I often feel a nagging urge or conviction to apologize to people for my having sudden thoughts and/or judgments regarding them. Is this typical?”
Caller Alex from Texas asks about Norman Geisler, regeneration preceding faith, and other related questions. Matt briefly quotes several valuable Scriptures in this regard.
Additionally: “What about the problem of evil…Theodicy?”
Finally: “When is one sealed in the Holy Spirit.”
Joshua from Boise, Idaho asks Matt: “When I became a believer I wanted so very much to keep the commandments. Can this extreme sort of desire be a healthy part of one’s faith?”

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