Monday, September 19, 2011

CARM: Radio 9_12

Faith and Reason 9_12

Open calls and questions.

September 12, 2011 Show Notes

Caller Brent from Arizona would like to know a little more about “Living Waters Ministries.”

Additionally, is it possible to commit adultery by looking at an un-married woman, or is it only adultery if she is married?

Caller Sam from Kuna, Idaho asks about the ministry of Jimmy Swaggert and is Swaggert’s study Bible reliable.

Caller Jeff from Tennessee is dealing with an atheistic philosophy student on the Internet who seems to be quite a moral relativist and would like some pointers on how to carry on their dialogue. Matt points out some subtleties between Truths, Realities, and statements about truth.

Matt continues to demonstrate the bankruptcy of moral relativism.

Caller Jeff from New York is a podcast listener and would like to discuss some of his observations with Matt in regard to women pastors and spiritual gifts. Some helpful defining of terms are touched upon.

Caller Scott from Pennsylvania offers some more discussion of “Truths” from the earlier call. Is a “truth” a reflection of “reality”?

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