Thursday, September 08, 2011

CARM: Radio 9_6

Faith and Reason 9_6

Matt announces that his novel “The Influence” is now out in hard-back and Kindle, and gives a brief overview of the theme and topic of the book.

Caller Ivory from Florida says he would like to give his view (and not debate) on the topic of: “Perfect Sanctification”

(Special note inserted here for Matt: These co-founding jokers from the “so called” THE HAPPY CHURCH (or THC only better than weed) actually have made a web presence for themselves:

Sorry to say they seem a bit mixed up at best, weird, unbalanced, and or just plane stupid.)

Caller Jonah (Levi from the CARM Chat Room) asks if Sacraments in the Christian Church are a “means of grace” or are they more “symbolic?” Or, can one “receive Christ” by way of church sacraments?
Matt develops some basic terminology and definitions concerning Justice, Mercy, and Grace in regards to this question.

Caller J.P. from Georgia mentions some conflicts experienced in his own “mixed faith” relationship with his spouse.

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