Monday, July 30, 2012

CARM Radio Show 7_16

CARM Radio 7_16

Matt Slick Live July 16, 2012

Caller: Gene from Meridian, ID. Offers Matt some professional help with audio issues.

Caller: Nicky from Meridian, ID. Asks about the event when the Roman soldier pierced the side of Jesus on the cross and blood and water flowed out. Is there some greater symbolism in this account?

Caller: BobbyJo from Seattle calls in regard to assault and abuse by those who have positions of authority. 

Victims of this in the church or who join the church after such abuse seem to have difficulty “fitting in” or finding sensitivity among the family of God.

Caller: Scott from Ohio. I am dealing with a Branhamite (followers of the false teachings of William Branham) with who deny the Trinity and the deity of Christ.

Caller: Craig from the United Kingdom asks some interesting questions regarding Islam.

Caller: Tim from Jacksonville, FL. What is your general view of the Calvary Chapel ministries?

Caller: Helen from Parma, ID. Calls to correct Matt.

Caller: Dave is invited to call back tomorrow in regard to the topic of “Little gods”

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