Friday, June 29, 2012

CARM Radio Show 6_18

CARM Radio 6_18

Matt Slick Live: June 18, 2012

Matt returns in studio after a trip to Bellflower, CA. and a visit to Living Waters Ministries.

Caller J.P. from Georgia has been discussing the Holy Spirit with Jehovah’s witnesses who they misunderstand as a powerful “impersonal force” of Jehovah. 

Some chat regarding Joseph Smith and LDS views are mentioned as well.

Caller Chris from Chicago, IL. Asks about starting a Bible study with his fiancé.

Caller Brandon from Rhode Island asks about “Lutheran Confirmation.”

Caller Chris from Indiana as how one might deal with those (including family members) who are following after the errors found in the “word of faith / prosperity” movement?

Caller Paul from London, England would like to know more about Biblical grounds for divorce and re-marriage.

Caller Amon from Florida: Can believers choose God in a way different than unbelievers who are said to be unable to choose God?

Also, a word about women pastors.

Caller Eric from California chats about Matt’s recent visit to Southern California.

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