Thursday, August 18, 2011

CARM: Radio Show 8_12

Faith and Reason 8_12

August 12, 2011
Show Notes

Caller John from Texas, a former atheist went with his friend to a United Methodist gathering where they seemed to teach that people could be redeemed sometime after their death, and that the Bible was produced simply by the work of men.

Caller John from Massachusetts a self-described atheist/agnostic talks about a wide range of things with Matt. An interesting discussion with a polite unbeliever.

Caller Ed from Texas reminds Matt that there are a few “Baptist” churches that are quite aberrant in their beliefs and practices.

Caller Scott from Pennsylvania discusses 1 Corinthians 11:14 and “having long hair” as read in the Greek text of this verse.

Caller William from Chicago has Anglican friends who seem to him to resemble Roman Catholics to a large degree.

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Bob Sorensen said...

On the Baptist question, there are several problems. First, since there are over 25 Baptist denominations in the US alone, you will get a rage of beliefs and practices from Fundamentalist to very liberal. The Southern Baptists tend to be Conservative, but since it's such a big denomination, you will have variations within it. (I taught on Creation Science in a United Methodist Church. Yeah, I was as surprised as you are now!)

In general, I would attend Southern Baptist but not American Baptist, which tends to be much more liberal.