Monday, July 02, 2012

CARM Radio Show 6_19

CARM Radio 6_19

Matt Slick Live June 19, 2012

Caller Bob from Weiser, Idaho would like to debate Matt on Calvinism and agrees to have it formally moderated.

Caller Justin from Texas asks about the idea of the “Plurality” concept of God and about the Trinity.

Matt addresses the error among some Christians who would consider avoiding fellowship with other Christians over non-essential Christian teachings.

Chris from Meridian, ID. Inquires about the Biblical view on polygamy in Old Testament times and New Testament times.

Chris from Chicago, IL.   Reports the recent discovery of an apparent early New Testament text that predates current know text

John from Kansas City asks:  Who are the “they” who are spoken of in Josh 24: 2?

Ed via SKYPE from Texas reports an apparent controversy in the Southern Baptist Convention regarding Reformed theology / Calvinism. 


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