Tuesday, July 03, 2012

CARM Radio 6_20

CARM Radio 6_20

Matt Slick Live June 20, 2012

Matt spends a bit of time on the topic of “Eternal Security” for the children of God.

Ben from Canada calls to ask about the reliability of the Bible.

Additionally, how can we deal with Muslims who on the one hand have “holy” texts that seem to support the reliability of the Bible, while on the other hand they seem to attack it’s reliability?

Mark from Boise, ID. LDS (Mormon) brother-in-law claims to have experienced an apparent apparition accompanied by the sounds of chimes.  Are the chimes significant in some regard?

Zechariah 5:9 Female angel?  Stumped Matt/ great study to follow up on this…

Lori from Meridian, ID.  Asks about some recent reports of Bibles being published that are replacing verses with the term “son of God” with the term “Allah” instead?

Matt explains how that might be possible and / or legitimate in some languages, or some cultural environments, however, he must see examples of specific verses in their context to fully asses the translation.

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