Thursday, May 31, 2012

CARM Radio Show 5_22

CARM Radio 5_22

May 22, 2012 with Matt Slick

Matt would like some feedback regarding interest in a basic marriage seminar.

Is baptism “necessary” and/or “essential” for one’s salvation? Matt launches into this topic from Romans 4:1 and follows with encouragement for listeners and Christians to seriously explore the Scriptures on this question.

Glenn from Caldwell, ID. Gives some healthy advice: to verify things using Scriptures and attempt to adjust our will to the will of God.

Alena from Denver, CO. asks about an apparent cult movement originating from Korea that seems to promote a “Mother God” theology.

Stephanie from Boise, ID. Asks about a church, which seems to be a bit legalistic about tithing.

Andreas from Fontana, CA. Reports he attended a Christian (?) church service in Tustin, California where a panel including a Muslim, Roman Catholic, Mormon, and a Protestant were all allowed to speak. However, at the conclusion of the presentations the congregation was apparently told they were free to choose to follow the worldviews of either of the speakers. Alarming if accurate.

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