Wednesday, May 30, 2012

CARM Radio Show 5_21

CARM Radio 5_21

May 21, 2012 with Matt Slick Live:

Bob from New York calls about: how to deal with an antagonistic atheist?

Matt offers a short but uplifting lesson regarding Scriptures references on the topic of eternal security for the child of God.

David (atheist) from Maryland calls with a Trinity question.

Amon from Florida calls to explore a bit further about the believer’s assurance of salvation.

Charles from Tulsa, OK. calls regarding what he sees as “antichrists” and “deluded worthless Christians” involved in our current political environment.

Craig from The United Kingdom: Should we necessarily expect preachers to be mature in the faith?

Eric from Boise, ID. Asks Matt about a recent encounter with “monkey boy.”

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