Thursday, March 29, 2012

CARM Radio Show 3_22

CARM Radio 3_22

CARM Radio March 22, 2012

Matt comments on the soon to be released movie: “Monumental”

Caller Chris from Chicago asks about some within the church today who say “mental health” issues may be dealt with adequately through prayer and confidence in the Lord. Or, could there be actual “physical” causes associated with “mental illness?”

Caller Eric from Idaho Falls, ID talks with Matt about a parable of the Lord where day workers were paid a full day of wages while some workers only worked for a very short part of the day and were nevertheless paid as though they had worked the entire day.

Matt challenges listeners to think of and study several familiar verses quoted quite often in the popular Christian media of our time.

Do these verses actually teach the careful and observant Christian exactly what the popular Christian media teacher is attempting to teach?

A valuable exercise using some often quoted Bible passages.

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