Thursday, March 29, 2012

CARM Radio Show 3_21

CARM Radio 3_21

CARM Radio March 21, 2012
Having run low on time with a Roman Catholic caller at the end of yesterdays show, Matt decided to open today with some quotes from several official Roman Catholic Church publications. Furthermore, he defined some terms found in the materials and compared them with teaching found in Holy Scripture.

Caller Brandon from Rhode Island (Tousen in the CARM chat room) would like to know when paganism was introduced into Roman Catholicism?

Caller Zachary from West Palm Beach, FL: Would like to know more about Compatibilism”

2nd Can the Cosmological Argument be use to guide one identify God as the ultimate uncaused cause of the universe?

Caller Helen from Parma, ID is a former Roman Catholic (now Christian) who calls to affirm Matt’s outreach to Roman Catholics.

Caller Joe from Boise, ID explores the topic of “Faith and Works” as mentioned earlier in today’s broadcast.

Additionally, Matt and Joe explore “Justification” in comparison to “Sanctification” in light of some Scriptures.

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