Friday, March 09, 2012

CARM Radio Show 3_2

CARM Radio 3_2

CARM Radio March 2, 2012

Matt offers a quick lesson on reading Biblical verses “In Context”: A surprisingly fresh look at some very familiar verses dealing with the “Rapture” for example.

A brief examination of what it is to “Know” and “Be Known” by the Lord.

“Agape” love: is this the “Divine Love” we most often think about as Christians? Listen and see.

Caller: Craig from the United Kingdom (via SKYPE) discusses how to “test all things” you hear taught and preached.
Further, what may be a good way to deal with the “Hari Krishna” believers I meet and their teaching of reincarnation?

Caller: Jeff from Michigan asks about “Altar Calls” after a sermon about the Tribulation, is that how one really preaches the Gospel?
Biblical Salvation saves you from whom and from what?

Caller Eric from Idaho Falls, ID. Can I honor God best if I don’t expect anything in return, or should I make an effort to give up various “things” that distract me from Him?

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