Thursday, March 08, 2012

CARM Radio Show 3_1

CARM Radio 3_1

CARM Radio March 1, 2012

Matt outlines a brief history of how the ministry of CARM (Christian Research Apologetics Ministry) developed and how this show began to be broadcast.

He also gave a quick sketch of just what the term “Apologetics” encompasses with regard to Christianity. (see:

Matt further mentions the development of the CARM website from 1995 to the present.

Caller Scmit from the live CARM Chat Room calls to promote the Oneness Pentecostal heresy that denies the doctrine of the Trinity and teaches water baptism as being “Necessary for Salvation.” (see:

Caller Bob from New York discusses the effectiveness of various styles of defending the Christian faith: Evidential apologetics, Classic apologetics, and Presuppositional apologetics.

Caller Christina from Caldwell, Idaho asks about the roles of women in Christian ministry.

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