Thursday, June 16, 2011

CARM: Radio 6_10

Faith and Reason 6_10

Friday June 10, 2011

Call 1.

Bob from New York asks about witnessing to people who appear worldly, or even those from the counter cultures within our society?

Matt points out that Jesus went to where the “sinners” were.

Call 2.

Atheist Andrew calls and begins on the topic of human sexuality. Then moves onto the Old Testament restriction on eating some foods. Matt explains the abrogation of Old Testament dietary laws in the New Testament, while the New Testament still upholds the restrictions on homosexuality.

Call 3.

Joe from Santa Maria, CA. asks how are we as Christians to try and maintain a Christ-Like attitude in the face of insults.

Additionally, what about our facing open hostility, up to and including violence.

Matt quotes Luke 22:36 advising physical violence being a last resort.

Call 4

JP from Georgia asks about dealing with various callers: why some seem to be held on to while others seem to be dealt with less patiently?

Matt describes the caller driven format is influenced by his experience and listener feedback over time.

Call 5.

John from Florida asks about mental illness and the Christian.

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