Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Matt Slick Debates Divinity of Jesus Part One

Matt Debate on Divinity of Jesus First Hour

The Second hour is being edited for interuptions in the tape but will be uploaded today as well. Matt Slick completely refutes the person denying the divinity of Christ and he does a wonderful teaching for those wanting to learn how to answer heretics in their attacks on our Lord and Savior God the Son Jesus. The debate was not formal in the sense that there were no time limits or rules concerning amount of cross examination but was private in an audio chat room between Matt Slick and a person that refers to herself as "Gomer." Many listening were questioning Matt's admin exactly what religion Gomer holds to since responses were intermixed with arguments from the Jehovah Witnesses, Muslims, Christadelphians and numerous other heterical sects. Gomer refuses to identify her religion, including constant attacks from her moderator Angelica Earthling to our even asking in the text. (There were then issues after the discussion to Gomer's fans and moderator booting all the Christians from the room.)

I do apologize that the audio room has a bit of a "helicopter" sound in the background but is only audible if listening to the discussion oh high volume. Also we attempted to edit the interuptions from their moderator to jumping on the microphone to give suggestions or directions to Matt if technical problems. It does take quite a long time to find all the places where she jumps in to remove her words but we did remove a few from the tape. Our moderators usually will post in text to avoid such disturbances in taping but we could not control Gomer's representatives, again I do apologize for those we did not get removed.

The two parties in the debate did remain on topic and other then interuptions from their moderator Angelica Earthling in her attempts to "help" the debate itself went well.

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