Monday, September 17, 2012

CARM Radio Show 9_10

CARM Radio 9_10

Matt Slick Live            09-10-2012

Caller David (Atheist) from Maryland would like to clarify one of his questions from a previous call: If a Biblical event such as the flood in the days of Noah were proven to have never happened, would that invalidate the whole Bible?

Matt moves forward and asks David why it seems he is so very interested in showing that the Bible is wrong?

Additionally, Matt brings David through a short exercise in untangling some of David’s own intellectual and philosophical knots, by demonstrating some basic principals and application of reason with logic.

Finally, Matt explains how starting out from a worldview other than the Christian worldview most often creates more logical and philosophical difficulties than they set out to answer.  Bald atheistic assumptions and empty assertions leave one who seeks truth quite unsatisfied.

Caller Randy from Kentucky asks: “Who do you think the Nephilim are in Genesis chapter 6.”

Caller Marlene asks: “Is there much hope for the atheists who continue to call your show?”

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