Wednesday, January 11, 2012

CARM Radio Show 12_29

CARM Radio 12_29

CARM RADIO Show notes for December 29, 2011

Caller Gary from Ohio would like to suggest a term: “Militant Arminianism” for those who suggest that Calvin was a murderer and so you should not believe in anything connected with his teachings.

Caller Michael from California mentions his experience after inviting atheists from the “Pal Talk” Internet venue to call Matt at CARM RADIO during the live show.

Additionally, Michael and Matt have some discussion on faith, works, and future rewards as related to our human motivations.

Caller Aleena from Denver, Co. Calls in reference to the apparent “Anthropic Principal” seen in our universe and the Multiverse hypotheses in physics.

Caller Matt from Santa Clarita, CA. Asks generally about some of the local congregations that seem to lack an identifiable structure, but rather focus on church planting for the most part?

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