Wednesday, January 04, 2012

CARM Radio Show 12_27

CARM Radio 12_27

CARM RADIO Show Notes for December 27, 2011

Matt announces that the most recent CARM Newsletter can be found at the link on the CARM Homepage.

Caller Paradox would like to discuss God’s omniscience in relation to freewill. Matt offers some interesting observation including the concept that God knows more than just what will happen, but what would have happened, that is, He knows the actual as well as the contingencies as demonstrated in Matthew 11:21-24.

Caller Val from Canada would like Matt to explore who or what the “Rock” is in Matthew 16:18.

Caller Tom from Boise, Idaho mentions the use of logic and how some arguments can be made which are, within themselves, logical, and nevertheless is fallacious.

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