Monday, January 23, 2012

CARM Radio Show 1_11

CARM Radio 1_11

CARM RADIO Show Notes for January 11, 2012

Caller Daniel from Georgia: Is it ever permissible to lie?

Caller Timothy from South Carolina (via SKYPE) “Is the ‘Anointing of God’ associated with ‘feelings’?”

Caller Evan asks: “How should we approach discussing the age of the Earth?”

Caller Nicholas would like to further explore to topic of lying.

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brianheagney said...

At the end of this show, a caller calls up and discusses a hypothetical situation where he is hiding Jews from the Nazis, and what would you do if the Nazis came to your door and asked if you were hiding any Jews.

Well, the caller said that he would feel uncomfortable lying to the Nazis, since there is a prohibition on lying in the 10 commandments.

However, that same caller ended by saying that he would tell the truth and then be ready to defend the Jews, even going so far as to shoot and kill the Nazis.

Because lying is bad, one must kill instead.