Tuesday, December 06, 2011

CARM: Radio Show 11_29

CARM Radio 11_29

CARM RADIO Show notes for November 29, 2011

Caller Alena says she is of the reformed tradition would like to know more of the “wills” mentioned in Scripture as in: “Not my will but your will” as God the Son spoke to God the Father as the crucifixion approached. A very informational chat follows.

Caller Brian from Washington is dealing with a Muslim who objects to Christianity’s claims from Hinduism. He seems to object to the newer claims as though they were borrowed or copied from an earlier religion. Matt suggests CARM web section on “New Testament Themes found in the Old Testament”

Caller Cameron from Perth, Australia reports his observation that Muslims given tolerance within Australia, seem to be increasingly less tolerant of those of other faiths within the very communities that accepted them in to begin with.

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