Monday, December 12, 2011

CARM: Radio 12_5

CARM Radio 12_5

CARM RADIO Show Notes for December 5, 2011

Matt talks a bit about the various dictionaries he would like to continue to develop on the CARM website.

Additionally, he mentions some of the Roman Catholic inconsistencies in regard to works being involved in one’s salvation.

Caller Mike from California would like to know more about the topic of blasphemy.

Caller Katie from Riverside County, CA. is seeking information about kingdom now theology and the “so called” New Apostolic Reformation movement. It seems they claim to be modern day prophets and apostles in the church.

Matt invites listeners to provide original source documentation for issues they may encounter in the church, so he can more accurately examine and comment.

Caller Chuck from Washington State commends the previous caller (Katie) for having identified a problematic movement within some evangelical bodies. Chuck confirms (from first hand experience) that this group has been causing mischief, confusing Christians, and overturning the faith of some for at least thirty years or more.

Caller Craig from the United Kingdom seeks more clarification of some of the teachings of Joyce Meyer; Matt offers him several direct quotes and cites the source for Craig to obtain and research for himself.

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