Monday, November 21, 2011

CARM Radio 11_8

CARM Radio 11_8

Reposting show 11-8, error in first posting.

Show Notes for November 8, 2011

Caller Scott from Ohio: What do we know of the young Jesus and how/or when He began His ministry? Matt mentions the “CARM Amazon Wish List” find link on CARM homepage:

For those possibly interested in keeping up with and praying for the needs associated with the ministry of CARM.Caller Vince from Maryland is in a mixed faith marriage and seeking some guidance on how to proceed to nurture his relationship with his spouse while maintaining an effective witness for the Lord.

Caller Debbie from Emit: A wide-ranging call that covers several very fascinating concepts. Debbie thinks of herself as a messianic Jew, however, reveals some measure of confusion of a number of points.

Caller Nick from Nampa: “I have a question about the Trinity.”

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