Wednesday, November 23, 2011

CARM Radio 11_14

CARM Radio 11_14

CARM Show Notes for November 14, 2011

Matt reports he saw the Joseph Smith Movie over the weekend. Seems to be “standard LDS propaganda.”

Matt further comments on the tendency of LDS church members seeming to base their faith “FEELINGS” rather than facts.

LDS Caller Lee from Nampa, ID. calls to defend the authenticity of the Book of Abraham as “supernaturally translated” (?). However, Lee only has his own personal conviction and “feels in his heart” that it is correct. Lee offers no tangible evidence.

Matt moves further into a bit more of an expose’ of some of the foolish and arrogant boastings of Joseph Smith, and Joseph’s lies in the face of Scriptures. (A brief but spirited rant.)

Caller Ana from Virginia: Did Joseph Smith pattern any of his rituals in Mormonism after those found in Free Masonry?”

Caller Pat: “In the face of some of the ridiculous statements of Joseph Smith, why do LDS people stick with him?”

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