Thursday, October 27, 2011

CARM: Radio 10_18

Faith and Reason 10_18

Show Notes
October 18, 2011

Matt reports an incident of someone being the target of a petition to be fired from their job over expressing their personal opinion on facebook, which opinion happened to be critical of the homosexual lifestyle.

Matt comments further and references some Scriptures on this topic.

Caller Ryan from California: 1st Timothy chapter 2: Who can hold positions of authority in the Church?

Caller Oscar (via SKYPE) from Uganda, Africa reports that the Ugandan culture (in his opinion) is generally quite hostile toward homosexuality.

Darren from Star, Idaho asks about “judgment” regarding homosexuality in the New Testament book of Romans.

Furthermore, should Christians expect God to provide while still preparing for hard times when practical provisions may become scarce?

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