Monday, July 25, 2011

CARM: Radio 7_18

Faith and Reason 7_18

July 18, 2011 Show Notes
Open Calls

Caller Nick from North Carolina as a follow up question from the last show: What about the inerrancy of Scripture: Are there errors and/or contradictions in the texts of the Bible?
Also, How should I go about witnessing to my United Pentecostal “Oneness” friend?

Caller J.P. from Georgia reports his first time contact with some Mormon missionaries. Is there a “Witnessing for Dummies” book for dealing with the missionaries? Matt suggests becoming informed on the “Terms” and “Definitions” as found on CARM as a good starting point. Finally: What about using an electronic Bible as opposed to a customary paper Bible?

Caller Matt from Seattle asks: Is there a preferred way to approach Mormon missionaries?

Additionally: this caller shares his observations of helpful non-Christians as compared to un-helpful professing Christians.

Caller Paul inquires bout a women in his church that says her husband is the pastor, but she holds the position of “Prophetess” in that church. Is that Biblical?

Caller Scott from Pennsylvania is attempting to discuss limited atonement with his family. Is Romans 5:18 a helpful verse or not?

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