Thursday, June 30, 2011

Matt Slick as guest on a Radio Show

Matt Slick As Guest on Radio Show

There were requests for the program where Matt was a guest on a radio show concerning the topic of "Women In Ministry." Please note that because Matt was a guest, he was not always permitted to answer
the topics fully in being interrupted by other guests.

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Stormbringer said...

Nice, lively exchange! And Matt was in a position that I find difficult. It would be easier for me to debate someone that is obstreperous (where did I learn that word, Matt?), dull, unpleasant or whatever. Brandi is intelligent charismatic, vivacious, respectable. I would not want to be too firm or brusque because I liked her (I'll pretend that her attractiveness would have no effect on me). Worse, she's mostly in agreement with Matt's statements.

I think Matt made his points quite clearly, despite the lawyer trying to muddle things and Brandi's agitation. It would be tempting to let "a little theological difference" slide, and make compromises, in these circumstances.