Friday, November 06, 2009

Women in the Church 11_3

Faith and Reason 11_3

Talked about women in the church and our need to uplift them.

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Anonymous said...

Some men seem to have come to the conclusion that women can't be elders because Paul said in Titus 1:6 'an elder must be the husband of but one wife' This was obviously a comment direct at men and would not have needed to be directed at women either then or now. It's usually (not always but much more commonly)that men would take more than one wife and not women to take more than one husband. That was probably why Paul didn't need to address these instructions to women elders. This surely can't be used as a command to women not to be elders. Nowhere does Paul actually say that. In fact he along with the Lord Jesus encouraged and used women in important roles. The samaritan woman was the first evangelist and Mary was the first person to carry the message of the ressurection. If Jesus did not discriminate and used women in important roles why would He not want them to be leaders in HIS Church. Once again after all these years women are being discriminated against. There are many men who have women elders in their churches and also who would interpret this passage and others in a completely different way. I would recommend the ministry on Women's Ledership from Alan Hewitt from Newtown Pentecostal Church and alsothe book 10 Lies the Church tells Woman by J Lee Grady. My own church Salford Elim in the UK has a woman and man leader Our male elder is Rev Dr Neil Hudson