Saturday, January 03, 2009

Matt Slick Faith & Reason 1_2

Matt Anniversary Show 1_2

Open calls and discussion this evening. Question on logic, later call with comments on the ministry work. Brief discussion on book "The Garden."

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Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...


I wanted to invite Matt to my blog.

I am a 4.5 point Calvinist. I hold a .5 point position relative to the Atonement. Scripture supports that the Atonement was unlimited in scope. Therefore, the atonement is unlimited both in scope and power. Being effectual, the final restoration of all mankind must result.

There's no reason not to be open to scriptural discussion of the atonement, which is effectual, being discussed as unlimited in scope.

Inviting Matt to my blog. He could at least learn that this is not a big deal and just a .5 difference from 5 point Calvinism... and many Calvinists are dropping limited atonement for it's cruelty... and going off outside scripture.

The truth of final restoration is the only thing that keeps them from human will errors.

Inviting you to my blog, Matt.

Happy New Year