Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Matt Slick Open Calls 12_30

Matt with Open calls 12_30

Diverse topics and questions this evening, more discussion of the TAG argument, call on JW's, then questions on hell and universalism, are atheists really rational and WHERE is Brian Sapient? :-)

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Laura Lee - Grace Explosion said...

OK, I listened to this tape you had Matt. You don't believe people can come out of the lake of fire. When is the debt paid?? Was the question. The debt is paid when the body and soul is completely destroyed. The "earth" cannot "pay it's own debt". Yet, the earth will be completely destroyed by fire and recreated anew. That is what is going to happen. The unbelievers are going to be completely destroyed in the lake of fire. The new creation completely replaces the old creation. The former creation is completely destroyed. That is how the debt is paid. There is no other way to satisfy the debt than complete destruction of all evil. They can come out of the lake of fire when all wood, hay, and stubble is burned... AND God has the same grace THEN in recreating them anew... as you and I received in our salvation which is a brand new creation in Christ by grace alone. Jesus comes in us... by God's Sovereign plan and we are born of God's Spirit by grace.

Well, I would discuss these points with you. I think you would find me holding to the view of God's 100% Sovereignty.

You spoke of logic. When the Bible speaks of "forever and ever"... Jonah was in the belly of the whale "forever". How long did that last?? Until he repented and cried out to God. How did he do that?? By his human will?? No. God worked repentance in Jonah by grace and thus moved by His Spirit in Jonah so that Jonah did repent. Did Jonah come out of the belly's whale?? Yes. What was the belly's whale a symbol of?? Sheol. Hell.

God shows in scripture that people do come out of hell. I am being perfectly logical. The language of Jonah said "forever" - but the time length duration was 3 days - and Jonah repented and came out of the belly of the whale which signified sheol or hell. All of this was referred to by Jesus Christ.

Jesus Christ PAID the penalty of our sins... in full. Jesus paid the full price. And Jesus rose from the dead on the 3rd day - just as Jonah came out of "hell" symbolically on the 3rd day.

The Jewish Rabbis did not believe in eternal punishment. The scripture does not support eternal punishment.

A strong scriptural case can be made that is logical and holds to the truth of every principle of scripture.

When God's justice is satisfied by complete destruction of evil in the lake of fire - God will move by His Spirit just as He did in you and me... in saving grace by the Spirit moving in regeneration. They must suffer God's wrath and are vessels of destruction.

The fire destroys wood, hay, and stubble - and evil works and all such things.

When is the debt for the wicked things done in the body paid?? When all the wood, hay, and stubble is burned.

If wood, hay, and stubble no longer exist having been burned - how can any ask that ongoing payment be made?? The reason for the debt is no longer in existence.

Let's say I owe you for something I did that was wood, hay, and stubble. As long as that wood, hay, and stubble exists - IOU.

But what if you have the power to burn it all away?? Then do IOU??

If what I did no longer functionally exists - and my sins can no longer follow me - because they are all burned away - why do I still owe you for them??

It was those sins that brought me to the lake of fire. But if the lake of fire can destroy evil works and destroy even the very body and soul of sin.... how are the books not settled??

Matt, this body is called the "body of death". The last enemy to be destroyed is death. Death cannot be destroyed unless the body of death is completely destroyed and no longer exists. If the body of death no longer exists - sin no longer exists. It has been burned away as wood hay and stubble.

The way the scripture works - "forever" lasts as long as what existed... exists. But when what needed to be burned is completely destroyed to the point it no longer exists... "forever" - that "aion"... is over. Just as Jonah's time of "forever"... that "olam" was over.

Jonah coming out of the belly of the whale is evidence all will come out of the lake of fire. Jesus made that clear when Jesus compared his death burial and resurrection to Jonah coming out of the belly's whale.

Jesus paid the penalty for all men. Mercy and Justice shall kiss.

The people shall be completely burned.. their sins will be completely burned...and God will recreate.

This logic is sound and biblical.

Happy New Year.