Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Matt Slick answers Catholicism Questions 12_12

Matt and Questions on Catholicism

Catholic caller this evening questioning many of the Catholic teachings as compared to Scriptural truths.


Anonymous said...

I wonder: Where was the body of Christ when he was parting the body of Christ?

Anonymous said...

good point since God cant be in two places at once.

Timothy said...

>" since God cant be in two places at once."

So, when God came to earth as Jesus, the Word made flesh, there was no God in heaven, as God can't be in two places at once? Interesting.

What part of Luke 1:37 don't you understand? "For nothing shall be impossible for God." I find the word "nothing" to be fairly clear and unambiguous.

To limit God by claiming that God can't be in two places borders on blasphemy. It's certainly not Biblical and is definitely a false teaching of man.

God bless...