Monday, November 05, 2007

Matt Slick with open questions and Baptism 11_5

Matt open questions and Baptism 11_5


Erich said...

Regarding the Baptism to be saved issue, the thief that accepted Christ on the cross was not baptized jet he was told that he ill be in heaven.

Anonymous said...

Everyone in Israel at that time was baptized except for the Pharisees who reject John's baptism, because all Judea and all Jerusalem (Matt 3) went out to John to be baptized, and then Jesus through the disciples also baptized more than John B. ever did (John 4). And if you say "but he was in prison" the Romans didn't keep petty thieves on death row for 15 years like we do in America today. He undoubtedly was caught stealing a day or two prior to his execution. The fact that he understood Jesus was going to come into his kingdom AFTER DEATH, as evidenced by saying "Lord, when you come into your kindgdom, remember me," shows him to be a lapsed disciple.