Monday, September 17, 2007

Matt Slick Answering "Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?"

Matt Slick Answering "Is Baptism Necessary for Salvation?"

Excellent discussion back and forth with a caller and Matt going through the Scriptures on Baptism (NOT) being necessary for salvation. Correction the caller stated Baptism "is" necessary for salvation, Matt showing the caller Scripture that proves it is NOT necessary... I didn't word that quite right the first time and I have been corrected. :)

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Elliott Russell said...

Just a comment at the begining of the debate.

Even if the text is "good" or not it does not mater because it says "believe and be baptised you will be saved" you could believe and be an adulter and be saved, believe and be a murderer and be saved.

That verse does say that believing and being baptised will save you but it does not exclude any other way to be saved. (other parts of the bible do that however)