Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Matt Slick and Atheist Wendy 7 25

Matt Slick and Atheist Wendy

What an interesting program. The live feed from Family Radio not working tonight. We managed to get the taping directly from the studio. Sound quality is great and what an interesting show since the atheist Wendy makes the statements that theists are "psychotic" and "delusional" to believe in God. Listen as Matt informs the atheist of just how wrong she is. :-)


Matt Slick said...

If this is how atheists think, then be worried.

The Sewell Family said...

Yeah we listened last night with our friend Brian (you spoke with him on the phone about visiting here). It was the first time he listened to your show. It was a bit hard to hear so I turned the volume up, and we all noticed that the gal kept back peddling. We are going to listen to the show again this morning.
Thanks Matt for all you do. It is great to see the Lord working in your life!
God Bless
Malachi, Crystal and Sofia <><

Rhology said...


This girl is a dim bulb...
Is she just on here for cheap points? I dunno, I just think you shouldn't have her back. She's all over the place, she has an attention span of about 10 seconds, she doesn't ever respond, she's insulting, she's unreasonable.

That's all I've got to say.

"I don't know enough about this one." -Atheist Wendy

She should have said that about every topic.
Grace and Peace,

Garylb said...

I love how these atheist reach into the thin air and grap all their facts
It's truly amazing how she blinds herself. She needs God so much, I pray she thinks about that show and opens her eyes

Elliott Russell said...

Im about to listen to the show, but i wanted to comment about the description of this show. I don’t think we should delight in someone’s error as it is heavily shown here.

It is ok to feel good after defending a biblical position but not to gloat... that will only cause hate on both sides.

Anonymous said...

Your gods are imaginary.

Jay said...

well done matt, you're getting better and better at explaining TAG, or maybe I'm just starting to understand it properly :)