Monday, May 21, 2007

Matt Slick and Steve the Mormon

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Matt Slick and Steve the Mormon


Bryan said...

I think it's obvious that Steve the Mormon is not seeking for truth. He appears to be more concerned with trying to make Matt Slick look bad rather than growing in his understanding of scripture. Steve continues to make ridiculous,untruthful statements that contradict God's Word thus, destroying his own arguements and even more sadly his own personal character. God bless you Matt. Keep up the great work!

ML said...

Hi Matt,
You need to get a Mormon who's better at defending offense, Steve.
Yes, the Bible says God is a spirit (Jn 4:24). You fail to mention, however, that the Bible also says God is love (Jn 4:8), God is a consuming fire (Heb 12:29), John the Baptist was a burning and shining light (Jn 5:35), etc. Metaphorical language has absolutely nothing to say about the physical nature of God, or anyone else for that matter. If God is literally defined as a spirit, then all good followers of Christ like yourself must be disembodied spirits because he that is joined unto the Lord is one spirit (1Cor 6:17). We're told that we must be born of the spirit and that which is born of the spirit is spirit (Jn 3:5-6). So Matt, if you are born of the spirit, cleary by your logic you have no flesh and bones. Oh, how about this...Words are spirit...John 6:36.
We know God has a body of flesh and bones because we are created in his image AND likeness and we have flesh and bones. Seth was created in Adam's image and likeness and is Adam's son just like like Adam was created in God's image and likeness and is God's son. Re-read the Old Testament. I choose to believe in the consistency and logic of the Bible rather than Christianity's and your flawed interpretation. Refute that.